Rural Infrastructure Development
We provide consulting services for efficient infrastructure development in rural areas
Development Projects
Aura draws upon its rich pool of skilled national and international consultants to provide better value for any kind of investment in regional development projects. We provide both managerial and technical support to for these projects to promote socio-economic development in the region and to improve the lives of the people. Research_HTML.jpg
Our key services include -
Project Management including scoping studies and appraisal, design, implementation, procurement of goods and services, fund management, capacity building, communication, sectoral research and monitoring and evaluation.
Land Banks
We as consultant also specialize in land banks. Land banks are public authority or nonprofit created to efficiently acquire, hold, manage, and develop properties for productive use. It involves procuring and compounding lands and properties and thus creates Land Bank. Once the fencing is completed, 100% growth in investments is achievable.
Financial Inclusion
Our objective is to portray and bring out the business potential of FI, which is growing as an alternative banking channel for the bottom of the pyramid.
What is financial Inclusion?
Financial Inclusion is availability of banking services at an affordable cost to disadvantage and low-income groups in India, in general, the basic concept of financial inclusion is having a savings or current account with any bank. However, in reality it includes loan, insurance services, credit, remittances and much more.
In other words financial inclusion is the process of ensuring excess to appropriate financial product and services needed by vulnerable groups such as weaker sections and low-income groups at an affordable cost in a fair and transparent manner by mainstream institutional pair.
Financial Inclusion is growing as an alternative banking channel for the bottom of the pyramid.
Provision of urban amenities in rural areas
Aura consultants are adept at providing effective techniques for the provision of urban amenities in rural areas as per the PURA guidelines of the Government of India.
Lack of modern amenities, opportunities and services necessary for living in rural areas creates a sense of dissatisfaction amongst rural population and leads to their migration to urban areas.
Team Aura helps companies to execute basic development projects in rural areas that help to provide the rural population with drinking water.
Our team is also adept at rural infrastructure projects aimed at generating renewable energy under the amended PURA scheme of the Govt. of India.